Does Everyone need to have a T-Shirt in their wardrobe?

T-Shirts: Wardrobe Staple


There are days when you don’t want to worry about what you’ll have to wear. On those days, a t-shirt can become your best friend. This wardrobe staple is so enduring because it’s so versatile that you can pair it with any type of clothing and for any type of event.


Business Casual

In order to make a casual plain t-shirt viable for a formal look, you’ll need to dress it up with bold accessories. A plain tee is like a blank canvas, so you need accessory items to create more texture and colors. A statement necklace, a thin gold bangle, watch, bracelets, colored pumps or dress shoes, can complete the look. Pair the tee with a pencil skirt, square pants or sports jacket, and you’re ready for any event. Why is a plain t-shirt necessary for this look? Because it allows the accessories to stand out without being too glamorous and overwhelming. Thus, it’s perfect to wear to the office, meetings, or date night. If you want to add a truly unique look, add a little flair by designing your own custom t-shirt!


Casual Traveler

When traveling, packing light is the way to go. You can achieve this without sacrificing your style. How? Bring one or two plain or custom shirts with you. You can style the plain or custom tee for any event. Want to try a fancy restaurant in the new city? Pair the shirt with a sports jacket, fancy skirt or a slip dress.


The perfect combination for a traveler, however, is the tee and jean combo. There’s a reason why this style has been around for so long. If the combo is too simple for you, you can add a little variety by wearing a denim jacket, a hat, leather belt or nice shoes/sneakers.


You can also go quirky and wear a scarf and some sandals with a tee and dress shorts. This laid-back look is perfect for those who are planning to tour around the city for the day.


Sporty Look

The athletic look has created a major movement in the fashion world. Why do people love this look so much? It emphasizes comfort and style. Pairing t-shirts or tank tops with yoga pants and sneakers is a great new look. Try to choose sneakers with monochrome colors and not bulky running shoes. You can also pair a cool custom t-shirt design with light pants or shorts.



Bohemian style is characterized by unconventional, artistic, and whimsical clothing as a reflection of a person’s hippie, free-spirited lifestyle. To create a bohemian look, you can use any old t-shirt in the closet. Then, you can pair with a draping scarf, or a kimono, or some worn-out jeans and sandals.


Date Look

For females, you can pair your plain custom t-shirt with pastel colors. Though the tee itself is simple, you can easily add details like floral prints, sparkles, and lush tulle. In fact, the tee serves as the perfect canvas for these feminine elements. For men, a custom t-shirt with your favorite pair of jeans, belt, shoes, watch/bracelet, shades on the head, is the perfect date look.


Street Cred

If you want to create a “cool girl” look, then you can give your custom t-shirt the classic twist. Pair it with a satin slip dress, a coat, and boots. For the guys, throw on a sports jacket with some sneakers, ball cap, and your best-looking shades.


Final Thoughts

Because t-shirts are the most versatile piece of clothing, you will not regret investing in multiple t-shirt styles.  Tees of neutral colors are more preferable. Also, you can go for shirts with scoop necks and v-necks to bring diversity in your closet. You can wear all of them in so many different ways. Add a custom design that highlights your individual style, and you will have the perfect shirt for any occasion.

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