How is a T-Shirt Made?

T-Shirt Manufacturing Process

 Do you know that t-shirts first emerged as undergarments for military men? But now t-shirts are a regular staple of consumer wardrobes. T-shirts are known as versatile and durable garments that are worn each day. T-shirts are loved because they come in a plethora of sizes, patterns, styles, and colors. T-shirts can reflect a person’s taste, interest, and image based on their customized design that they print on their t-shirt.

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Are you paying too much for a T-Shirt?

Don’t Overpay for a Custom T-Shirt

 Brand Perception Determines Price

 The main factor driving price for most t-shirts is the manufacturers name on the t-shirts. In blind tests, most people can’t determine a high-end brand versus an affordable brand. The price difference is often the marketing and positioning of each brand in the marketplace. Some manufacturers will position their brand at high-end price points (Lacoste) while others will position themselves as the affordable option (Gildan). In any case, it is the consumers perception of each brand that determines their willingness to pay for the garment. When determining which t-shirt to use for your custom screen print, balance the overall quality of the garment against the price.

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