Ink, Ink, & More Ink

Colors are wonderful aren’t they? They communicate in ways words never can and have power to make us feel, think, and take action. T-shirts come in 100s of colors; but depending on the brand, you may have  limits to the color you can get it in! One area this limitation is not on – is colors! We have hundreds of color inks to choose from – that can go virtually on any Tee!

T-shirts come in 100s of colors
T-shirts come in 100s of colors

There is nothing wrong with the black & white feel; but we can’t deny.. sometimes our lives need a dash of color! 

We have all the basics we love & know, to colors you didn’t even know existed! Like sunset, marble purple, & tennessee orange! Company designs aren’t just icons we make for our businesses – they are representations of our company visions, our goals, and ultimately our competitive mark. 

When done right, logos become visual assets that consumers build physiological connections with. They help build relationships between the consumer & the business. They can easily become a trusted token of an awesome experience, or a reminder of a bad one.

How will color help or harm your company’s public perception? 

Here at big city – we know the power in color and that’s why we have gathered a vast collection of ink colors for you to print your company designs in! We’re happy to add that our embroidery department isn’t any different! We have threads covering the whole color spectrum for your next custom embroidery!

Custom Embroidery
Custom Embroidery

 Browse some of our 20% OFF T-shirts & start designing in full color now!

Michael Temperato
Michael Temperato 

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager Big City Sportswear & Graphics

Our Custom Church Apparel Difference

Few understand the power a shirt can have like those of the faith community! Designs represent purpose & intent. When you have a message you want the world to know – especially one like the gospel – you can’t forget about the power a single t-shirt can have on someone’s life. 

Maybe it’s the church logo the congregants will wear or a special verse/message for the world to see, each is important, and we’re thankful to be the company that helps make this possible!

Church Logo T-Shirt
Custom Church T-Shirt

Some things require faith, buying from a new custom supplier is one of those things! Therefore, we want to make the process as easy & satisfying as possible! You can build custom church t-shirts, custom church sweatshirts, custom church hoodies & more online with our easy online design tool! Upload your church logo or design, place text & get quotes in seconds!

Church Logo Printed Shirt
Design Your Own Church T-Shirt

We offer 1000s of quality custom apparel products and the lowest price guarantee! It would be an honor to earn your business! 

If you’re looking for custom church T-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts – here are our top recommendations!

Gildan Adult Unisex T-Shirt

Gildan Adult Unisex Sweatshirt

Gildan Adult Unisex Hoodie

Michael Temperato 

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager Big City Sportswear & Graphics

Green Eco-Friendly Custom Apparel

More than ever before people are converting the production of their goods, and the goods themself into sustainable eco-friendly methods. Why? Because our earth needs it! If there ever was a time to start finding green ways of living our lives – now is that time!

Big City Tees has stepped up to the plate and added dozens of eco-friendly products to our catalog! Take our Hanes ComfortBlend EcoSmart Clothing line for example.

We have green eco-friendly t-shirts, eco-friendly hoodies, eco-friendly sweatshirts, eco-friendly polos & more! These products have been partially made from recycled materials! As their name states, they compromise none of quality & comfort! These products prove looking good doesn’t have to come at the cost of our environment. Nor do quality products have to be obtained through hazards to the environment! 

In truth, these are small steps in turning the industry into a completely eco-friendly system; but Big City Tees chooses to lead the way in offering sustainable green solutions to custom apparel

reduced our water usage

This line of Eco-friendly Hanes comfort apparel is the perfect choice for green outreach events as they are all also available in youth models! By buying these custom products you are not only supporting manufacturing companies that eliminate over 60 millions plastic bottles a year, or only grow their cotton in USA green facilities; but you support the vision that allows them to continue to do so & improve this industry! 

Energy consumption to renewable sources

Check out the entire hanes ecosmart line here! 

Michael Temperato
Michael Temperato 

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager Big City Sportswear & Graphics