Custom T Shirts: How to Craft Them

Have you been wondering why novelty shirts and other great custom t-shirts have been flooding the market these past few years? The answer is quite simple, individual consumers have found the wonders of custom t shirt printing.

It is now possible to have your custom t shirts designed and ordered from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can order custom t shirts from online print shops. The best custom t shirt websites should be able to offer the following:

Customizing software – This is probably the most important piece of software that you will encounter when placing an order for custom t shirts. Customizing software allows people to upload their designs over the internet and places the image onto a virtual shirt, so you can see how it looks.

This tool allows you to see if the design has the right balance and look for the custom t shirts.

Variety of shirts to choose from – Each t-shirt project is different, and not all shirt projects require the classic short sleeved shirt.

Custom t shirt websites should be able to supply you with different kinds of shirts, from classic short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, women’s shirts, hoodies, and the like. All of these can be found on

Ease of use of the website – Not everyone is a techie, and if the website and design tool is not easy to use, then it’s going to be a poor experience for the consumer.

On the other hand, if you can find a simple design tool, that allows you to easily upload your designs and place an order, then you have found a good reliable website to buy customizable shirts.

There should also be no confusion when you are selecting shirts, adding stuff to your cart, fixing your account details, and the like. These are all important parts of your overall experience with a custom t shirts website.

Crafting the Shirt

Step one for any design effort is to determine the purpose of creating the design in the first place.

Does it represent the wearer, or is it for an occasion, a specific event, or is it for a group or organization? You have to stick closely to the purpose of the shirt before you can conceptualize the design. The purpose or intent for creating the design will always precede the design process itself.

When the purpose of creating the design for custom t shirts becomes clear, the next step is brainstorming. Brainstorming is arriving at different ideas that might possibly become part of the final output, which is the design.

Some custom t shirts designers derive their ideas from nature, others from popular culture, books, photography, or stuff they see around them. Art is unlimited in the sense that the inspiration to create something artistic can spring from the most unexpected of sources.

It doesn’t matter if you are not an expert artist or a creative person, what matters is you can use your imagination to create. This is where it all starts: from imagining and creating ideas, and then laying them in your design.

Once you are done with brainstorming for ideas, the next step is to sketch the design. You can sketch it on paper, or by using a sketching application on your PC or mobile device. It is important to sketch first because that way, you can play around with the idea before creating the final design.

Even if you are having another person create the final design, sketching things out will help you visualize what the final output might be, and that helps a lot if another artist is stepping in to help.

When the design is almost complete, it would be helpful to upload your design into a free design tool to see the shirt virtually. This will help determine if the design is compatible with the shirt that you are planning to print on.

If the design doesn’t look good on the virtual shirt, you can always make adjustments to the balance of the design. Most t-shirt design tools allow you to remove some elements, add some elements, change colors, thicken lines, etc… You can print on the entire front of the shirt, half of it, quarter of it, or anywhere you desire.


Finding a simple to use design tool with one of the top online custom t-shirt printing websites is the easiest way to bring your artwork to life. Design tools make it very simple for you, and if you get stuck, simply call into their customer service departments for help. is a leader in the custom t-shirt space with a simple design tool to create the perfect custom t-shirt.

Custom T-Shirts – The Perfect Gift

Gift Ideas

Giving someone a custom-printed t shirt is one of the best presents you can give! It’s a thoughtful gift that will be cherished by the recipient.

The great thing about a custom tee is you don’t have to search for hours in bargain bins or anywhere else to find that wonderful design that you know the recipient of the shirt will appreciate. You can make it yourself.

So how do you do it? How do you make a custom shirt the perfect gift for your significant other, friend, colleague, or whoever happens to be the lucky guy/gal who will be getting the shirt?

Step one is to think about what the other person is really interested in. For example, a person who is a practitioner of meditation might be interested in a shirt with a minimalistic design or which displays their love for meditation (NAMASTE text or a silhouette of a person meditating).

Obviously, knowing the other person’s personality is a plus when you want to give a custom shirt as a gift. But more than just personality, the recipient of the shirt will appreciate the gift more if the design has been well thought out.

Some design ideas that you can use include: the person’s favorite quote, book, movie, location, activity, fictional characters, etc. Or add a dash of humor to your design. Just make sure the humor will be 100% appreciated.

As long as the image and text in the shirt will be easily recognizable to the person receiving the shirt, you’re on the right track.

Getting Started with Creating your Own T-Shirt

Custom t shirt websites have changed dramatically since they became popular in the early 2000s. Now the process is very efficient and allows the creator to have fun designing the t shirt.

The first step is to select the size, type, material and color of the shirt. You are going to see a dizzying array of choices. To simplify the process, simply check dimensions and material of your most comfortable tee and use it as a reference on the custom tee website.

The next step is the fun part, selecting a design! Custom t-shirt websites offer hundreds of design templates to choose from. If you can’t find the perfect template, create your own by uploading artwork or use their custom design tool features. It’s really easy to insert text or symbols and change colors. Then just place your order and wait for your shirt to arrive in the mail. Pretty simple stuff!


Giving a custom designed t-shirt as a gift will be a memorable event. We’re positive this thoughtful gift will be cherished by the recipient and will be a gift they will never forget.

Tee Design Ideas

Custom t shirts can come in a wide array of designs. Here is a list of our favorite t shirt design ideas.

Memes – Nearly everyone loves memes. One creative way to use memes on t-shirts is by creating a meme that’s really profound or insightful. Or you can always go the more normal route of just making a joke using a meme template.

Memes are popular because they are funny and convey the message quickly to the public.

Movie & Comic Characters – T shirt designs featuring characters from different films have been around for decades.

Popular characters from fiction, film, and comics are quite common. With a little tweaking, you can create a memorable t-shirt design of your favorite character in no time.

Video Games – There are popular video games that have defined the experience of past generations. Wearing past or present video game designs is a cool look.

The usual route is to feature characters and game titles in the t-shirt design.

Also, memorable lines from games are an awesome addition to any t shirt design. You can create an entire collection of awesome game inspired tees just by collecting lines from your favorite games.

College and Team – College and Team designs are definitely a crowd favorite. The design choices are nearly limitless. And the best thing about insignia designs is you have lots of control when it comes to color schemes. You can convert the color to pure white, pure black, or to any other monochrome color of your liking.

You can also combine the main insignia with a few lines of text, and the back of the shirt is also a good place to add a smaller logo, a jersey number (some find this attractive in shirts) or maybe an associated mascot with the team! Be creative and you will eventually arrive at an awesome design for your tee.

Quotes – Use memorable lines taken from TV, movies, books, and other sources.

The advantage of using quotes for custom t shirt designs is it’s extremely simple to tweak lines of text to make them look really cool on a shirt.

You can change the font type and size of each word to emphasize parts of the quote. And you can use more than one quote on your shirt. Text designs are highly customizable.

Personality Designs – Witty phrases are a mainstay of custom-print shirts. Each individual has their own way of expressing themselves, and there really is no limit as to how you can express your personality on your shirt. Combining an image with a pun, joke, or witty phrase is an easy way to get an awesome t shirt in no time.

Your individual design can become an easy talking point with friends or when you’re out socializing with other people.

Charitable Causes – An easy way to bring awareness to a cause is to wear a t-shirt that expresses the cause to the public. It is advertising, but with a good purpose. Tees are an excellent way to promote a charitable event.

 The Design Process:

When you’re ready to create your masterpiece, look for a custom t shirt website that provides you with design templates, and a design uploader with a text insert feature. Then you can upload your own designs or add text to create the perfect t-shirt design.

Happy Designing!