The Big City Embroidery Difference

Custom Embroidery has been around as long as man has been able to make fabric! It’s been used for various things from establishing social class, to recording history. The technology used hasn’t been free from change either, having moved almost completely from hand embroidery to machine embroidery.

Today, embroidery is used mainly as a way of representation & artistic expression. Big City Tees has learned from the evolution of embroidery maintaining top quality technology & technique. Our embroidery machines are precision measured down to the number of stitches and the length/width of everyone on a garment. Each machine is monitored by live employees who handle the quality control & performance of every custom embroidery we do!

Custom embroidery
Embroidery Machines

Let us earn your business!

We also offer free embroidery digitizing (65$ Value) for all our customers custom embroidery. Something our competitors aren’t as kind to offer! We know custom embroidery is more than just sewing threads onto garments; but representing a real brand or cause in a professional, original way.

 Representing a Real Brand  on Custom T-Shirts
Representing a Real Brand

This isn’t just about buying or selling apparel, this is about clothing you can be confident wearing! Here’s a picture of one of our specialist Michelle handling a live embroidery adjustment on neon green caps! (Video Seen On Instagram)

Michelle handling a live embroidery
Michelle handling a live embroidery adjustment on some neon green caps.

To see our entire list of embroidery products, visit our website & see our embroidery category here!

Michael Temperato
Michael Temperato 

Online Products & Social Media Manager Big City Sportswear & Graphics

How Custom Products Benefit Networking

The 21st century has revealed no shortage of innovative ways to drive conversions over the net! Digital marketing strategies have basically become the holy grail of all advertising! However, people easily forget promotional products are proven to be one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics available even still.

How so? Great question!

Digital information is easily forgotten because it is something that people can just glance over when scrolling, but a promotional or networking product is something they become physically associated with, even dependent on.

A consumer is more likely to remember and recognize your brand if they can physically see, use, and touch it.

They can create a sense of loyalty between the consumer & business, helping lead to long-lasting relationships. I always suggest thinking of your own experience! What impact has receiving a company card, brochure, or even a free t-shirt made on you?

Think of having your staff members wear custom apparel with your company logo whenever they are in a position to market your company, or even just giving out custom pens at your next showroom/trade show, you will certainly leave an impression!

Don’t miss out on the value you can bring your company outreach by using custom networking  products!

From the most popular custom embroidered caps & hats, to the uniquely custom printed bags, totes, towels & koozies, Big City Sportswear has all the latest for you to print & embroider on!

Grow Your Business

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nal Networking Products

Here’s a link to Promotional Networking Products!

Michael Temperato
Michael Temperato 

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager Big City Sportswear & Graphics

Custom Women’s Clothing – How We Do It Right

Let’s face it men – when it comes to clothing, Women can outperform us in more ways than one! Long before most men catch on to the subtleties of dress communication, or really even know the value/power of dressing right for occasions, women do! As we’ve entered into this new year, we are ready to not miss out on a large percentage of our customers – women!

We’ve spent hours searching & testing all kinds of products so that we fill our catalog only with the ones that women actually want or need for their businesses/causes/events. For example, we recently added a women’s activewear crop top to our catalog that our customers have requested to custom print on! Is that the typical women’s printing product? No; but we care about every product you’re interested in!

    This is all about meeting your needs at a price you can afford!

Custom Women’s Clothings

From value womens Gildan tees, to fitted womens under amour, or womens soft style hanes, we have just the selection of custom women’s clothing for you display your logo/design on! We’ve been custom printing & embroidering women’s apparel for over 10 years now, and we’d be proud to earn your business!

Please see our entire custom women’s catalog & contact us with any questions! We look forward to hearing from you!

 Michael Temperato
Michael Temperato

Online Products & Social Media Manager Big City Sportswear & Graphics