Promotional Products On The Rise!

We have officially entered the new year and Big City Sportswear is ready to bring our customers the newest & best custom printing & embroidery products available! One way we’re bringing in the new year hot is with our growing line of promotional products.

Many businesses focus solely on using digital marketing to reach their customers and easily forget promotional products are still proven to be one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics available! Digital information is easily forgotten because it is something that people can just glance over when scrolling, but a promotional product is something they become physically associated with, even dependent on.

A consumer is more likely to remember and recognize your brand if they can physically see, use, and touch it.

According to the Brand Spirit Blog, 85% of those who receive promo products end up doing business with the advertiser. They can create a sense of loyalty between the consumer & business, helping lead to long-lasting relationships.

So while you’re probably familiar with getting t-shirts custom printed, don’t miss out on the value you can bring your company or outreach by using custom promotional products!

From the most popular custom embroidered caps & hats, to the uniquely custom printed bags, totes, towles & koozies, Big City Sportswear has all the latest for you to print & embroider on!

Too see some of our promotional products and start designing yours, visit our website here!

Michael Temperato
Online Products & Social Media Manager
Big City Sportswear & Graphics

New Year Custom Safety Products!

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: Custom Printed Safety Gear is OVER 20% OFF!!

It’s that time of year again where the weather becomes snowy, misty, salty, and blurry! Leaving many of ourselves & our workers hard to be seen outside. (And sometimes even inside.) We understand how this need is one of those expenses we’d like to avoid; but can’t for the safety of our business & commercial environments. So what better way to meet our customers’ needs than to run a custom printing safety apparel 20% sale?

Port Embroidered Core ColorBlock Soft Shell Jacket

We’ve stocked up with some of the newest & best safety gear available to custom print on! Like Port Authority Enhanced Visibility Challenger Jacket, Port & Authority Enhanced Visibility Vest, or our basic lines of Safety Green Tees! Available in safety green long sleeve, short sleeve & with pockets!

Port Authority Enhanced Visibility Challenger Jackets

You & your employees will be easily seen through the snow & mist, brightly visible against headlights and other reflections in these custom printed safety gear lines!

If you’re looking for dryblend models also made with polyester for extra moisture wicking protection, we have just the line of Gildan DryBlend pullover hoodies & t-shirts (in safety green) you need!

To see out entire catalog of safety gear, and start designing on yours, visit our website here!

Michael Temperato
Online Products & Social Media Manager
Big City Sportswear & Graphics

3 Reasons NOT To rent Your Screen Printed or Embroidered Apparel

So why are so many companies moving away from uniform rentals?

Let us explain why we convert so many every month.

1st let’s start with fees…. Uniform rental companies charge re-occurring monthly fee for each employee’s rented embroidered and/or screen printed uniform piece along with many additional surcharges and other fees. The biggest expense uniform rental companies charge is the fee for not returning the uniforms when your employee is no longer employed with you.

Let’s face it, now-a-days employee’s come and go more often than they stay, and when this happens you’re most likely not getting the items back. This is where you pay big money to your uniform rental company much more than the items are worth.

The benefits of owning your apparel is you pay only once for the uniform and it’s much less expensive than renting.

2nd Lead time…. Typical lead time for your custom printed and/or custom embroidered apparel from uniform rental companies is 3-4 weeks.

Last but not least….. most uniform companies don’t have any embroidery or screen printing options and will typically contract companies like us ( to embroider or custom print them, this just increases the charge to you.

So the question becomes, why not remove the middle man, save money, and buy your custom printed & embroidered apparel directly from a supplier like

Joe Gizzi, Founder & CEO
Big City Sportswear & Graphics