How to Design a Cheap Custom T Shirt

Cheap custom t shirts are the perfect way to enhance your personal branding. The good news, it’s simple to design custom t-shirts, so why not just create your own style?

Cheap custom t shirts are powerful statements that become part of your wardrobe, they are not expensive to make, and you can print just about anything on a shirt.

If you are interested in making cheap custom t shirts to liven up your wardrobe or if you need to create a custom shirt for any occasion, follow these simple strategies:

1. Be Curious

This is probably the most important step of all. A good t shirt design comes from curiosity, from the desire to express something that’s notable, funny, sad, or whatever it is that comes to mind.

Of course, in order to make a design really stand out, you need to make it unique later on. But in the conceptualization stage, you need to be as curious as possible with the possibilities.

When you are talking about the possibilities of design, what you are really trying to explore is how you can express yourself and how you can inject your personality and interests into the design.

Even if you are creating a design for other people, you can still find great fulfillment in using a cheap custom t shirt as your canvas for your creativity. There is something so inherently great about being able to see your design on a t shirt that someone is wearing. But watch out, most people get hooked and design again and again. Try it for yourself and you will see what we mean.

2.  Don’t Stop At The Initial Design Concept

 This is the biggest mistake that you can commit when creating a new design: drawing up a general outline and then stopping.

When you come up with a drawing for example, and just stop there because you have a usable image to put on a shirt, do not stop! Take a breather (walk around the block) and come back to your design with a fresh perspective.

You don’t want your creativity to cease when creating logos, t shirt designs, or any other artistic pursuits.

Something that occurs to you within the first few minutes of brainstorming will probably look better if you give it a bit more time and effort. Don’t just think of how to draw or draft the design better, but how to make it more unique, more creative, more specific.

We can assure you that in the beginning it is not going to be easy, but as you keep pushing the envelope, the process of reimagining things becomes second nature.

3. Your Unique Design

 The goal is to try and translate the design in your mind into a concrete piece of art. While many people will be quick to go to digital media, it’s actually easier to try conventional methods first, before enhancing what you have with digital media.

Even though the final object will be in digital form (because that’s how you are going to get the design printed), the process from start to finish doesn’t always have to revolve around photo manipulation or graphic art.

Also, photography can be manipulated later on to fit what you need, but without the actual photo, you have nothing. Try to conceptualize what you want to see and go on a brief photo walk around the neighborhood. You would be surprised as to how many ideas you can get by simply observing people or the environment and taking pictures.

In summary, be curious. That curiosity will help bring your designs to life and will also help you create many more unique designs in the future. Creating cheap custom t shirts for your personal branding is a lot of fun! Whatever your purpose may be, keep these important design strategies in mind and you will never go wrong.

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