Green Eco-Friendly Custom Apparel

More than ever before people are converting the production of their goods, and the goods themself into sustainable eco-friendly methods. Why? Because our earth needs it! If there ever was a time to start finding green ways of living our lives – now is that time!

Big City Tees has stepped up to the plate and added dozens of eco-friendly products to our catalog! Take our Hanes ComfortBlend EcoSmart Clothing line for example.

We have green eco-friendly t-shirts, eco-friendly hoodies, eco-friendly sweatshirts, eco-friendly polos & more! These products have been partially made from recycled materials! As their name states, they compromise none of quality & comfort! These products prove looking good doesn’t have to come at the cost of our environment. Nor do quality products have to be obtained through hazards to the environment! 

In truth, these are small steps in turning the industry into a completely eco-friendly system; but Big City Tees chooses to lead the way in offering sustainable green solutions to custom apparel

reduced our water usage

This line of Eco-friendly Hanes comfort apparel is the perfect choice for green outreach events as they are all also available in youth models! By buying these custom products you are not only supporting manufacturing companies that eliminate over 60 millions plastic bottles a year, or only grow their cotton in USA green facilities; but you support the vision that allows them to continue to do so & improve this industry! 

Energy consumption to renewable sources

Check out the entire hanes ecosmart line here! 

Michael Temperato
Michael Temperato 

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager Big City Sportswear & Graphics