Are you paying too much for a T-Shirt?

Don’t Overpay for a Custom T-Shirt

 Brand Perception Determines Price

 The main factor driving price for most t-shirts is the manufacturers name on the t-shirts. In blind tests, most people can’t determine a high-end brand versus an affordable brand. The price difference is often the marketing and positioning of each brand in the marketplace. Some manufacturers will position their brand at high-end price points (Lacoste) while others will position themselves as the affordable option (Gildan). In any case, it is the consumers perception of each brand that determines their willingness to pay for the garment. When determining which t-shirt to use for your custom screen print, balance the overall quality of the garment against the price.

Price, Quality and Longevity Perception

When it comes to the price of a t-shirt and its quality and longevity, there are several perceptions that consumers contemplate about:


Perception 1: The higher the price the better the product

A popular brand does not mean that the garment is made of high quality materials. Often, the manufacturer has invested heavily in brand marketing to sway consumer perception to buy their products at the manufacturers desired price point. Although the manufacturer has done a phenomenal job building the perceived perception, it doesn’t mean that the product is made from premium material. Therefore, you will probably find a similar or higher quality t-shirt from a different brand at a lower price.


Perception 2: Expensive clothes last longer than cheaper ones

Does a higher price tag mean higher quality? Not necessarily. When you pay for garments at certain price points, most consumers expect the clothes to last longer. However, this depends on the fabric and construction.


The fabric is the actual material that is used to construct the t-shirt. For example, high quality cashmere is hard to purchase, and shirts made of cashmere are usually more expensive. Construction is the process on how the t-shirt is actually made with the fabric. Construction plays a vital role in the t-shirts feel, wrinkles and stitching.


The price may not reflect the shelf life of the garment. What really matters is the fabric and construction. You should be able to locate cheap custom t-shirts with the same quality as expensive brands.


Perception 3: Cheap T-Shirts breakdown after a few washes

Some affordable t-shirt brands tend to reduce cost by using inexpensive fabrics and manufacturing them in affordable factories, but it does not mean that the t-shirt will break down after only a few washes. It comes down to caring for the t-shirt. Properly caring for the t-shirt determines the t-shirts longevity.



Consumers tend to think that a higher priced t-shirt will last longer than a cheaper priced t-shirt. They often believe that paying three times the price of a t-shirt will make the t-shirt last three times longer. However, what matters most, is the quality and construction of the t-shirt.


Of course, brand perception plays a huge part in consumers lives. Image is an extremely powerful motivator. Each consumer must balance their decision on price, quality and image. It’s important that the consumer feels comfortable in the clothes they wear. If you feel that the brand fully represents your style, then the t-shirt price is probably worth it to you. But it doesn’t hurt to do your homework when building your custom t-shirt.  


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