The Marketing Power of Custom T-Shirts

Every business owner wants a highly effective marketing strategy. Unfortunately, most business owners focus on expensive and ineffective strategies. The traditional strategy is to use magazine ads, radio and TV commercials. While it’s true that those can be effective, they are not necessarily the best channels to gain new customers.

Unconventional marketing strategies that are simple and direct may yield better results. One of these strategies is the use of custom t-shirts. It is gradually becoming an open secret that t-shirts have amazing marketing power. T-shirts can be a cheap and effective way to market your products and services:

1.       Mobile Advertisement

Wearing a custom t-shirt with a huge corporate logo on the back, turns you into a walking billboard! Give free t-shirts to people, have your staff wear the T-shirts to work, and definitely wear them to every conference or event you attend. Once done, you will have built an army of brand ambassadors.

2.       Stimulates Real-Time Conversation

When you do TV commercials or place ads in magazines, you provide your contact details in hopes that potential customers will get in touch with you. Custom t-shirts, on the other hand, are real-time conversation starters. When you wear branded clothing, it is very likely that someone will comment and ask you some questions directly. It’s a perfect ice breaker and allows you to describe your offering to potential customers face-to-face. Consequently, you can easily measure your Return-On-Investment (ROI).

3.       Cost-effective and Quick to Produce

You can print large quantities of custom t-shirts for cheap! All you need to do is find an online custom t-shirt dealer, like You will be able to add your logo onto t-shirts for cheap and will easily pay for themselves in no time. Interestingly, thanks to modern printing techniques, custom t-shirts are very quick to produce (hours to days, depending on your order size).

Unlike billboards that remain in one location, t-shirts work as mobile billboards that carry your message around wherever the wearer goes. A truly cheap and effective way for potential customers to see your brand.

4.       Beat Traditional Campaign Periods

One of the greatest values that a custom branded t-shirt can add to your marketing campaign is the fact they can outlast traditional campaign periods. Your marketing campaign continues for as long as people wear the t-shirt. This way, you can significantly increase the exposure of your brand and your message.

5.       Versatility

You can be very flexible and creative with the design on your custom shirts. Typical advertising campaigns restrict you on your messaging and display to consumers. Not with custom t-shirts, there are no regulations controlling the display of information you want to put on it.

6.       Popularity

Virtually everyone wears t-shirts. It is a type of clothing that cuts across age, racial, gender, and economic barriers. When you use t-shirts for your marketing campaign, your brand is being promoted to every section of society. The popularity of t-shirts creates an amazingly wide range of marketing prospects for your brand, as well as your products and services.

7.       Flexibility

T-Shirts can pretty much be worn anywhere and to any occasion. You can wear them to work and play. You can put them on for a boardroom meeting or wear them to the gym. When you use t-shirts for promotional purposes, you have the opportunity to reach a vast array of audiences. Your audiences are not limited by particular interests or geographical locations. Your campaign will be taken to wherever the wearer goes: church, boardroom, gym, conferences, malls, etc… The marketing prospects are limitless!

There are many other clothing items that you could customize with your logo: Hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, polos, jackets, etc. But the most cost-effective way to market your brand is t-shirts!

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