Matching Ink Color with your T-Shirt Design

If you are looking for ways to promote your business, earn some extra income by designing your own merchandise, marking a special event like family reunions, bridal showers, baby showers, or just want to show off your personality, here are some tips on how to match ink colors with your custom t-shirt design.

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Identifying Excellent Color Combinations

Light-colored shirts make your dark-colored designs stand out. Dark-colored shirts make your light-colored designs pop off the material. T-shirt color and ink color combinations are critical in making your custom design stand out.

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Below is a list of color combinations that look great together:

  • Pink shirt with light to mid blue or yellow ink
  • Light green shirt with gold, navy blue, or white ink
  • White shirt with graphite, brick red, or plum ink
  • Red shirt with royal blue, black, or graphite ink
  • Gray shirt with deep navy blue or rust and brick red ink
  • Yellow shirt with blue, menthol green or pink ink
  • Black shirt with white, maroon or graphite ink

While some of these color combinations have been proven to look great, you might want to consider adding a darker-colored outline to your light-colored design. This technique will highlight your text and make it easier for your audience to see or read your text or image.

Also, dark-colored shirts with lighter ink colors look amazing. But you have need to watch out for darker colors like forest, cardinal, or maroon. These colors can sometimes get distorted, creating a dull appearance.




Brainstorming Your Design

The fun part of creating your shirt is coming up with your own individual custom design creation. The design of your custom shirt will attract people. If your producing a shirt for sale to the public, it’s critical to generate designs that will pop off the shirt, it will lead to sales.

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As you brainstorm on your custom t-shirt design, it is important to consider the following factors:

Shirt types. T-shirts come in a variety of types such as Crew Neck, V-Neck, Raglans, Performance, etc. Make sure that your considering the type of t-shirt you’re going to use for your custom design. You need to make sure that your design will proportionally fit on the type you select. You must consider how your design will look on smaller and bigger shirt sizes. For screen printing, you may have to change the size of your design if you are printing on different shirt sizes in order to proportionally fit on smaller t-shirts.

Image and Style. This is the part where you need to exert your creativity. It is crucial to think of a creative and artistic way of communicating your message through your design. To help you formulate your style and image, you also need to consider several factors which include your brand, target market, and purpose. After putting all these together, you can begin sketching your custom shirt design.

– Design color. Color will give your shirt personality. The color hue, tint, and shade are elements that will invoke emotion. Color is a very powerful tool in telling the viewer about yourself and your brand. Therefore, you should always consider fabric color and ink color. The colors of both your fabric and design should complement each other.


To produce a great custom t-shirt, start with brainstorming on how you want to perceive your brand or image to the public. It is very important to identify material colors and ink colors that work well together. If you have questions or concerns, you should reach out to a custom apparel designer to assist you. Custom apparel designers can make it really easy for you as they are experts in custom designs and apparel.

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