Graphic Tees are Not Just for Teenagers

The custom t-shirt has always been a fashion item, and it remains as a wardrobe staple for all generations.


However, there is a group of people who believe that stepping out with a graphic tee should be left for the kids and college students. But the graphic t-shirt does not belong in the bottom of your drawer. It is a fashion-worthy item that can add life to any outfit, regardless of age. You just need to know how to style it.

The Right T-Shirt

You want a t-shirt that suits your style and age. A graphic t-shirt that has patterns all over spells teenager…consider a custom t-shirt with a mono-hue.


If you are the laid-back type, go for more neutral shirt colors such as white, black or grey. You can customize it with minimal graphics and patterns like simple geometric prints, band logos or some funny text.


Other good custom tee design ideas are to pick something that you can relate too. For instance, no one would look weirdly at a mom wearing a tee saying ‘Running Late is My Cardio’. And make sure the t-shirt fits you. A baggy t-shirt makes you look like a teenager.


Pair the T-Shirt

Pick out a great pair of shoes or sneakers and jeans or skirt with your custom tee. They all should work together and fit the grown-up style your portraying.


For the ladies, a pair of heels and a good handbag works well in elevating a look. On the other hand, a good pair of boots for a man will bring out a mature look. Consider going for a pair of tailored pants or a fitting pair of jeans to complete the look.


If the t-shirt has many graphics, then the rest of the outfit should be minimal. On the flip side, you can opt for a bold mini or maxi skirt if your t-shirt is mono-hue with little graphics.


Blazer It

Pairing a graphic t-shirt with a blazer makes a great fashion statement. Wearing a blazer on top of your graphic t-shirt creates a formal and smart casual look suitable for many occasions. So if it’s casual Friday and you want to dress down for the office, a blazer will be a good choice. It is a look you can wear for a date or just an evening out with friends to make a cool fashion statement.


Tuck It

Presentation is everything. And a sure way to look presentable and mature in a graphic t-shirt is tucking it in. You can never go wrong with tucking in your graphic t-shirt into your skirt or pants. Pair this up with a good pair of shoes, shades or a piece of jewelry and you step out looking like the adult that you are. Throw in a neck scarf or a belt to complete the look.


Final Thoughts

Wearing a graphic t-shirt past your teenage years can be pretty tricky. The t-shirt forms the focal point of your entire look and needs to be presented properly. You can design your own custom tee to your own desire and taste. Dress it up or down with the appropriate accessories and you will look great at any age.


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