Custom T Shirts: How to Craft Them

Have you been wondering why novelty shirts and other great custom t-shirts have been flooding the market these past few years? The answer is quite simple, individual consumers have found the wonders of custom t shirt printing.

It is now possible to have your custom t shirts designed and ordered from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can order custom t shirts from online print shops. The best custom t shirt websites should be able to offer the following:

Customizing software – This is probably the most important piece of software that you will encounter when placing an order for custom t shirts. Customizing software allows people to upload their designs over the internet and places the image onto a virtual shirt, so you can see how it looks.

This tool allows you to see if the design has the right balance and look for the custom t shirts.

Variety of shirts to choose from – Each t-shirt project is different, and not all shirt projects require the classic short sleeved shirt.

Custom t shirt websites should be able to supply you with different kinds of shirts, from classic short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, women’s shirts, hoodies, and the like. All of these can be found on

Ease of use of the website – Not everyone is a techie, and if the website and design tool is not easy to use, then it’s going to be a poor experience for the consumer.

On the other hand, if you can find a simple design tool, that allows you to easily upload your designs and place an order, then you have found a good reliable website to buy customizable shirts.

There should also be no confusion when you are selecting shirts, adding stuff to your cart, fixing your account details, and the like. These are all important parts of your overall experience with a custom t shirts website.

Crafting the Shirt

Step one for any design effort is to determine the purpose of creating the design in the first place.

Does it represent the wearer, or is it for an occasion, a specific event, or is it for a group or organization? You have to stick closely to the purpose of the shirt before you can conceptualize the design. The purpose or intent for creating the design will always precede the design process itself.

When the purpose of creating the design for custom t shirts becomes clear, the next step is brainstorming. Brainstorming is arriving at different ideas that might possibly become part of the final output, which is the design.

Some custom t shirts designers derive their ideas from nature, others from popular culture, books, photography, or stuff they see around them. Art is unlimited in the sense that the inspiration to create something artistic can spring from the most unexpected of sources.

It doesn’t matter if you are not an expert artist or a creative person, what matters is you can use your imagination to create. This is where it all starts: from imagining and creating ideas, and then laying them in your design.

Once you are done with brainstorming for ideas, the next step is to sketch the design. You can sketch it on paper, or by using a sketching application on your PC or mobile device. It is important to sketch first because that way, you can play around with the idea before creating the final design.

Even if you are having another person create the final design, sketching things out will help you visualize what the final output might be, and that helps a lot if another artist is stepping in to help.

When the design is almost complete, it would be helpful to upload your design into a free design tool to see the shirt virtually. This will help determine if the design is compatible with the shirt that you are planning to print on.

If the design doesn’t look good on the virtual shirt, you can always make adjustments to the balance of the design. Most t-shirt design tools allow you to remove some elements, add some elements, change colors, thicken lines, etc… You can print on the entire front of the shirt, half of it, quarter of it, or anywhere you desire.


Finding a simple to use design tool with one of the top online custom t-shirt printing websites is the easiest way to bring your artwork to life. Design tools make it very simple for you, and if you get stuck, simply call into their customer service departments for help. is a leader in the custom t-shirt space with a simple design tool to create the perfect custom t-shirt.

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