3 Reasons NOT To rent Your Screen Printed or Embroidered Apparel

So why are so many companies moving away from uniform rentals?

Let us explain why we convert so many every month.

1st let’s start with fees…. Uniform rental companies charge re-occurring monthly fee for each employee’s rented embroidered and/or screen printed uniform piece along with many additional surcharges and other fees. The biggest expense uniform rental companies charge is the fee for not returning the uniforms when your employee is no longer employed with you.

Let’s face it, now-a-days employee’s come and go more often than they stay, and when this happens you’re most likely not getting the items back. This is where you pay big money to your uniform rental company much more than the items are worth.

The benefits of owning your apparel is you pay only once for the uniform and it’s much less expensive than renting.

2nd Lead time…. Typical lead time for your custom printed and/or custom embroidered apparel from uniform rental companies is 3-4 weeks.

Last but not least….. most uniform companies don’t have any embroidery or screen printing options and will typically contract companies like us (Bigcitysportswear.com) to embroider or custom print them, this just increases the charge to you.

So the question becomes, why not remove the middle man, save money, and buy your custom printed & embroidered apparel directly from a supplier like BigCitySportswear.com?

Joe Gizzi, Founder & CEO
Big City Sportswear & Graphics