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Shane - A.K.A. Popeye (Screen Printer) Shane does Mountain Dew rather than Spinach. Shane is one of the best screen printers in Rochester. Shane’s attention to detail is simply built on his passion to make every garment he touches look fantastic. Shane’s work will continue to only get better because he continues to grow every day.
Steve - “Sure I Can Do That” (Screen Printer)Steve hasn’t been with Big City as long as the others, but as worked just as hard. His friend is the manual machine. He is very helpful around the shop as well; we could call him the shoveler, salter ,and the garbage man.
Cory - “Office Space” (Graphic Designer)Cory has been with Big City from the messy dirty side to the , Hey I got an office, and email now! Cory is our graphic designer, and will help out a customer anyway he can. He is willing to learn and work hard to get better at his job. He also runs our vinyl machine for banners/stickers. If you have a idea for a shirt but need some help don’t hesitate to talk to Cory he will help, better yet you can email him about it.
Janet - “It’s Because I’m Italian” (Purchasing/Receiving)Janet has been with Big City for almost 2 years, and has made herself right at home. There have been numerous occasions when we see her on the phone laughing to herself only to find out she has been speaking with a vendor now for about 30 minutes about their children. Janet does purchasing and receiving here at Big City and does it well. She can talk your ear off though…. ”It’s because I’m Italian”- Janet.
Barb - “The Original” (Digitizer)Barb has been with Big City Sportswear since August 2008 (Big City opened in July), that would make her an original. Barb is our digitizer, and is by far the BEST digitizer in Rochester (Hey maybe the world). She loves “Challenges” and it excites her to try new things. There is not one kind word that doesn’t describe Barb.
Kathy - “Betty Crocker” (Embroidery)Kathy is our very own Betty Crocker, she brings in treats often. She will just say “I just whipped these up”. A phenomenal cook and I assume is good at just about anything she does because she is also a phenomenal worker. She is a machine with the embroidery machine, she runs pieces quick, while doing it the correct way.
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